The Miso Soup Kills Cancer Cells and Improves Overall Health


Many studies have been using soy to discover if it can solve one of the biggest mysteries in the world. To find a cure for cancer.Searching and reading all of them, your mind will explode. Some say soy kills cancer cells. Others say it boosts their ability to grow.This study is different. It involves organic fermented soy. It says that this is an exception of the ordinary soy products.

Dr. Mercola says that soy is tightly connected to cancer. Japanese people eat too much soy and  they still have lower rates of cancer. They only consume primarily fermented soy. They have always been eating that.

You need to know that “Miso” is Organic Fermented Soy.


  • 3 tablespoons miso paste
  •      ½ teaspoon grated ginger
  •      1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed
  •      ½ cup chopped green onion
  •      1 tablespoon coconut oil


  • Heat the coconut oil in a large pot over medium heat
  •      Add garlic and onion and cook for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally
  •      Add 4 cups of water and ginger and bring to a boil
  •      Add miso paste and stir until dissolved

Including this soup once in awhile will improve your overall health. Also if you put half squeezed lemon in the soup the taste will be marvelous!

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